18 August 2011


 Muhammad Shahrin Ruslan 

I love you dear ..
Truly I said, I like the tree was unable to stand erect without a stick to the tie so that I continue to stand on ..
You promised that you will not let me ..
I hope you do not state my disappointment with the promises you ..
Tapi entah kenape saya rase ta selesa bile t'lihat wajah die..
I know that u know who I mean..
Saya ta tau same ade nuk trust yang mane satu antare awak or die..
I'm begging you ..
Give me guidance so I can calm the liver as before ..
If he was destined for me, you give me confidence to continue to love him ..
But if he is not for me, alright, I will pleased with this provision ..
AMIN >.<

SUKA?? LIKE jee :)